Everyone gets their own
Expert Companion

How it works

What if you had an industry leader as a coach, guide and mentor? Someone who could help set you up for long term career success?

What if you had your very own Expert Companion?

We believe that the gap between a skilled resource and a successful career is best bridged through one-on-one interactions with senior professionals who can share their knowledge, expertise and experience. At Expanion skilled students and motivated professionals can learn directly from industry leaders and senior professionals working for top corporations.
Select an Industry Readiness Module

Our Industry Readiness Modules (IRMs) are focused towards specific job families and have been designed by industry experts with decades of experience. They provide the initial basic structure for our Expanionship Programs which can be personalized for individual needs.

Pick your own Expert Companion

After selecting a module the aspirant can see the list of experts offering it and pick an Expert Companion of their choice to learn from. This process leverages our global network of experts to find the best match for an aspirant's needs and career objectives.

Go through the Expanionship Program

Our Expanionship Programs are delivered by industry leaders and senior professionals as one-on-one video call sessions that include periodic hands-on case studies, evaluations and feedback. The self-paced programs are personalized based on individual needs, and are monitored to ensure successful outcomes.

Become Industry Ready and succeed

Industry experts share their knowledge, learning and experience to make young aspirants industry ready. Personalized mentoring, coaching and guidance from industry leaders sets up young professionals for long-term career success.

Who we are

We help skilled professionals become industry ready
by learning directly from industry leaders
working for top employers.
A global network of senior executives, industry leaders and experts.

We are a group of professionals in senior executive positions with top MNCs, with decades of corporate experience in hiring, managing and successfully leading large teams.

We have faced first-hand the gap between industry needs and resource availability, and are passionate about helping skilled aspirants learn, grow, and succeed in the corporate world.

We believe that this gap is best bridged through one-on-one coaching and guidance from a senior professional or industry leader - someone who can be an Expert Companion for an aspiring professional.

Join today to discover, interact with, and learn from your very own Expert Companion.

  • Senior Professionals

    Directors, Vice Presidents, CXOs, General Managers, Product Managers, Senior Managers, and more...

  • Working for Top Employers

    Leading global firms in Financial Services, E-commerce, Telecom, Consulting, Product Development and Information Technology industries. And a bunch of exciting startups.

  • Your own expert companion

    Who can set you up for long term career success through one-on-one coaching, mentoring and guidance.

Our Experts

At Expanion we have a fast growing global network of senior professionals, experts and leaders in a wide variety of industries.

One of them could unlock the door to your long term success.

If you are an industry expert, you can make aspiring professionals industry ready through one-on-one mentoring, coaching and guidance.
You can also collaborate with other experts in our global network and meet them in-person at exclusive networking events.

We have experts from wide variety of industries as below

Placement Details

Students who have gone through expanionship program are
well trained to attend product company interviews.

We are very happy to say that many of our students are
placed in the following product companies.


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