Become an Expert

Interact and collaborate with experts
Become part of Expanion network, where you get instant access to all other experts in this platform. You can reach out any expert through ExpMail.
Mentoring skill and prototype your ideas
Use this platform to leverage your mentorship skills to groom young talent. Provide them opportunity to work on your innovative ideas under your guidance and assistance.
Make young professionals Industry Ready

Opportunity to interact with young aspiring professionals to make them industry ready through Expanionship program.

Industry Readiness Module (IRM): Choose the IRM which matches our expertise and offer it in our platform.

Time commitment: One Expanionship program is 5 to 6 one hour sessions over video conference in a period of 3 to 4 months.

Earn Exp Credits

Earn minimum INR 2000 per hour time spent with aspirant. As you complete each session on your Expanionship program you start earning credits. Each credit is INR 100 (~ USD 1.5). You can redeem these credits in following ways (TDS will be deducted as per law)

  1. Gift cards: Gift cards from Amazon or other equivalent e-commerce cos.
  2. Bank transfer: Transfer to your bank account
  3. Use for your Expanionship program with other senior experts
  4. Give back to community: platform provides seamless and easy way for you to donate these credits to a NGO Organization which focuses on disabled kids education. Click here for more details.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What is my time commitment?
    One program is 5 to 6 one hour sessions spread across a period of 3 to 4 months
  2. When is the session scheduled?
    It is flexible and scheduled on a time which is convenient for you. You publish your free slots and aspirants selects one of them.
  3. Do I need to travel?
    No, it is all over video conference
  4. Who are the aspirants?
    You will be assigned 1 to 3 students per program. These are best students from top tier colleges.
  5. What do I teach in these sessions?
    The Industry Readiness Module outlines what you need to cover in each session. It is keep at a high level, so to experts like you can modify based on your experience and aspirants needs.
  6. How do you monitor the health of sessions?
    After each session both aspirants and experts rate each other. Expanion team monitors those rating to make sure health of the program is good.