Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Expanionship Program?

An Expanion is your very own “Expert Companion” – a senior professional in your industry that you can get personalized coaching, learning and guidance from.

The Expanionship Program aims to bridge the gap between skilled aspirants and a successful careers by providing them with the opportunity to interact with and learn from senior professionals and industry leaders. Motivated aspirants can leverage one-on-one coaching, mentoring and guidance by an expert companion to set themselves up for long term career success. Our Expanionship Programs are based upon our Industry Readiness Modules (IRMs) and are personalized based on the needs of individual aspirants.

2. Who is it for?

Our Expanionship Program is for fresh graduates, skilled professionals, and budding entrepreneurs who want to learn from the valuable experience of industry leaders. They can use this opportunity for gathering industry insights, professional career shaping, technical & soft skill grooming and for interview preparation.

3. How much does it cost?

Our Expanionship Programs are based on our Industry Readiness Modules (IRMs) for a variety of job families. Each IRM contains multiple one-on-one sessions with the Expanion spread over a period of time. Check individual IRMs for the list of experts offering Expanionship Programs and the price in Credits. Each Credit is equivalent to 1 USD.

4. Can I cancel my Expanionship Program in between if I am not satisfied?

In case you are not satisfied for any reason at any point after enrolling for an Expanionship Program, please let us know immediately and we will work closely with you to ensure that your needs are met to your satisfaction. In case you still want a refund, we can refund the credits for remaining sessions calculated on a pro-rata basis.

5. How can I get the Credits required for enrolling in an Expanionship Program?

You can purchase the Credits required for enrolling in an Expanionship Programs on our website using a credit card. Please contact us for other payment methods.

If you are an Expanion, you can use Credits earned from the Expanionship Programs you have conducted in order to register for a program with another Expanion.

6. Can I reschedule my appointments?

Yes, you can reschedule the appointments for your sessions in consultation with your Expanion. You will need to contact the Expanion sufficiently well in advance to avoid missing the appointment.

7. Up to what extent can an Expanionship Program be customized and personalized for my individual needs?

Our Expanionship Programs are based on our Industry readiness Modules (IRMs) designed by industry veterans and include evaluation checkpoints to customize the program. Depending upon your individual needs, you and your expert companion can personalize and fine tune the program for your requirements. If you have any specific requirements or interest areas then please do discuss the same with your expert companion.

8. Can I only appear for mock interview with an expert?

The purpose of our Expanionship Program is to provide you with an expert companion who can shape your learning over a period of 3-4 months to make you industry ready and to set you up for long term success. Some Industry Readiness Modules may contain mock interviews and you could sign up for an Expanionship Program if they meet your needs. Please check the list of modules.

Depending upon your specific needs and growth areas, your expert may conduct mock interviews during the sessions for other Expanionship Programs as well.

9. Can I get a trial session?

Some Industry Readiness Modules may incorporate a trial session. Please check the individual modules to see if they have the option of a trial session.

10. What to do if there is any technical error?

Our technical staff will be glad to help out and resolve problems in case you face any issues. In case of any issues please reach out to us through the Contact Us form on our homepage, or by sending an email to

11. Can I contact any expert or any aspirant?

If you are an aspirant, then you can contact only those experts with whom you have completed (or are currently doing) an Expanionship Program. You can also send Expanionship Program requests to any experts offering an Expanionship Program. You cannot contact any other aspirant or expert directly.

If you are an expert, you can see and contact any other expert. You can also see the specific aspirants who have done an Expanionship Program with you, but no other apirants will be visible.

12. I am an expert. Can I sign-up for an Expanionship Program with another expert?

Of course! You can always learn from other experts. As an expert you can use Credits earned from the Expanionship Programs you have conducted to pay for an Expanionship Program with another expert.